Me & My Journey

Travel has been my passion ever since my childhood. I have travelled through 74 countries scattered around 7 continents till now. I have now been selected as the first space tourist from India for the space tourism project organized by Virgin Galactic led by Sir Richard Branson. The relentless urge for travel and visual media has enabled me to attain this rare achievements.

I started my career as a media professional in the year 1992 by producing the telefilm 'SAMAYAM’. It was followed by 'Acharya', 'Krishnagatha', 'Maluvinte Lokam', 'ChithirapuratheVisheshangal, 'Kerala Visheshangal', 'God’s own Sands’ and numerous other documentaries and telefilms which were both directed and produced by myself.

In December, 2001 I set up a Hitech Recording & Editing studio at Marangattupilly for producing TV programmes and multimedia CD Roms.

Having travelled through 74 countries during the last 15 years, I was able to prepare a travelogue serial named 'Sancharam’. It is being telecast in Asianet News Channel at 12.30 am every Sunday since September 2001. Through this serial millions of Malayalees get an opportunity to view the beautiful sights and locales in various countries of the world right from their sitting rooms. So far, 493 episodes have been completed.

So far, I have visited 7 continents including Antarctica and 74 countries.They include England, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Vatican city, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Thailand, Nepal, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Finland, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, U.A.E., Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Belarus, Egypt, Greece, Bhutan, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Monaco, Indonesia, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Kenya, Cambodia, Vietnam, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ethiopia, Uganda, Syria,Lathvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Belize, Mexico, Oman, Seychelles, Mauritius, Myanmar, Barbados, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Cyprus and Laos and filmed their sights of tourist interest. I continue with my visits to more countries.

I am the Managing Director of Labour India Publications Ltd., one of the largest educational publishing houses in the country. This ISO 9001:2000 certified company is now bringing out around 40 educational journals which have a circulation of 16 lakh copies altogether. I concentrate in other areas as well, which include resorts, tourism and so on.